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Our Amazing 2017 Speakers

More than 100,000 people now work in the UK’s thriving recruitment sector, helping 634,000 candidates find new permanent jobs in 2015/16. Many more thousands are working as Talent Acquisition professionals for those employers, large, small, and sometimes huge, that continually seek to identify, attract and secure the services of the very best talent available.

Typical attrition within this field can mean that on average only 20% remain in this discipline any longer than three years. That, my friend, is a very tough gig indeed.

What if I told you there was an event specifically tailored to your sector that delivered 10 intense, passionate and actionable talks from some of the UK’s most prominent and successful talent acquisition experts and professional recruiters? An event inspired by TED Talks to focus entirely on the speaker, their direct experiences, and tools to help you immediately in your own organisation.

Staged at the prestigious Leicester Square Theatre, in the heart of our capital city, RECex – Recruitment Explained, is the must-attend talent acquisition event of the summer! Filmed in front of a live theatre audience of fellow recruiters, each of our 10 speakers will deliver unique insight into their own organisations, processes, and decision-making that help them achieve recruiting excellence for some of the most successful organisations in the world.

Recruitment Explained may seem a little precocious, but we aim to explore what the anatomy of brilliant hiring processes, explain what recruiting excellence looks like, for employers and candidates, and express what we think about how we can strive for even better.

As a complementary event to the long established National Online Recruitment Awards, held every November for the past 17 years, all our speakers are members of the NORA Academy, either as a Winner of Finalist, or as a judge in recent years. All have excelled in our field, and have made immense strides to lead the way and establish intelligent, agile and effective recruitment as an integral part of their respective businesses. Here are just three of our stellar speaker line-up.

Neil Morrison is one of the foremost, and certainly recognisable HR leaders in the UK, and in the past 9 years has delivered revolutionary initiatives at Penguin Random House.

Adele King has spent 20 years with one of the most prominent global brands, Virgin Atlantic, and has met head-on the challenges of matching prospective employee expectations to a firmly established public perception.

Matthew Jeffery is the Vice President: Global Head of Employment Branding and Sourcing with SAP – one of the world’s most successful organisations most of us know very little about. Multi-award winning for himself and his team worldwide, Matthew has a perspective on talent acquisition which is entirely unique.

Each of our speakers will give not only a rare peek behind the scenes of their organisations, but will explore the very human elements that make all recruitment both rewarding and challenging for them.

Just like TED Talks, all of our speakers will be filmed live, and made available via our website later in the year. Over time, we aim to build a library of invaluable talks delivered by the most progressive talent acquisition and recruitment leaders in our industry. Having said that, nothing can come close to the experience of being there at the inaugural RECex, on 20th June in London.

Why not join us for the must-attend talent acquisition event of the summer? We can guarantee you won’t have seen anything like it before.