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RECex Talks on Video Launched

Last week, on Tuesday 20th June, we hosted our very first RECex event, at the iconic Leicester Square Theatre in London.  Our eleven speakers gave talks on a whole array of topics, from diversity and inclusion to artificial intelligence, recruitment of the future, and in my case recruitment of the past. In partnership with Working Films, we set out to create a unique event, where the content of the day was preserved for sharing way beyond the reach of those who could attend, so that the expertise and inspiration of our speakers is available to all.

The central thread running through all of this, was our fascination with the people at the heart of all recruitment; recruiters, candidates AND employers. How they find each other, and how they fit together.

Firstly, I want to thank all of our attendees on the day for coming to our first RECex event. It was a blistering hot day in London, and we were very thankful for the chilled air conditioning inside the theatre.  As I said to our audience, I know our tagline “Recruitment Explained” can sound a little patronising, but I find that sometimes the most obvious things need to be said out loud. And that’s a big reason why we established RECex.

The main reason we launched the first TED Talk format event for the recruitment sector is that we want the most successful organisations and recruitment to give a very rarely seen peek behind the curtain, at their operations and processes, and to show the very human side of the decisions being made to achieve recruiting excellence. Insight is the key, and we asked our speakers to explore their own processes, explain how and why their chosen course worked, and then express how that made all parties feel throughout.

Secondly, I want to give a huge thanks to our event partner DaXtra, without whom none of this would be possible. DaXtra have been vital to making the RECex project a reality, and they too find themselves at the epicentre of the evolution of 21st century recruitment.  DaXtra Technologies is a world leading specialist in high accuracy, multilingual CV and job parsing, as well as semantic search, matching and aggregation technologies.

In common with TED Talks, all of our speakers were professionally filmed on the day, and we will be sharing each of these throughout the coming weeks. The videos will be released in the same chronological order as they appeared at the event.  You can see the schedule here.  You will also notice that all of our speakers have a direct connection with the NORA Academy, having been Finalists, Winners, or even judges in the NORAs in recent years.

First to speak was the ineffable, charismatic, and compelling Johnny Campbell. Johnny is CEO of Social Talent, and is on a mission to help recruiters and sales people work smarter and live happier. His talk was titled “5 Trends that will break your talent acquisition model”.

Each of our videos, as they are released can be accesses by clicking this button at the top of this website: