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During the summer Quorum Cyber began the process of searching for our first-ever cohort of graduates to partake in our graduate programme. After a selection process consisting of interviews and technical challenges, including our Capture the Flag event supported by Capture The Talent, we took on seven keen and enthusiastic graduates.  

After their eighth week at Quorum Cyber we spoke with Sam Clarke to find out how it’s going so far.  

Settling into the programme  

I have had an amazing experience at Quorum Cyber so far, it’s strange to think back to the introductory week, it seems so long ago. Since we began I have already learnt and met so many people; I was lucky to come into the programme knowing three of the other graduates as we were in Quorum Cyber’s summer internship last year. It’s amazing as everyone who was in the 16-week summer internship from 2021 came back to Quorum Cyber one way or another, either in the form of the graduate programme or in a full-time position (read about Scott’s journey here).  

We began the graduate programme by getting to know the various teams and the managers of the different departments around Quorum Cyber and how all the functions work together. We did lots of team-building exercises which gave us all a chance to get to know each other and interact with the rest of the employees within the business. Getting to know the team at Quorum Cyber has been great, everyone is extremely helpful and if you’ve got any questions at all the team are very approachable. The office environment and culture at Quorum Cyber is amazing, it’s great to see the office take shape and evolve. I also love that we are a hybrid company, with many people choosing to work in the office on some days and from home on others. I know it makes a massive difference to a lot of people’s lives.  

I first heard about Quorum Cyber through Livingbridge, our investors. With the rise of COVID-19, internship opportunities were scarce, so when I contacted Quorum Cyber to see if there were any opportunities available, I was thankful to Bill, the Talent Manager, for coming back with an offer. 

How it works 

The way the Quorum Cyber graduate programme works really caught my eye – we get to experience different parts of the business over the course of two years, spending 16 weeks in each discipline. This approach will help me to fully understand what path I want to go down and where I want to go in the world of cyber security. It’s quite daunting leaving University and picking one path so this gives me a chance to fully learn what each team does and how each of the teams works together to help our customers.  

Currently, I am halfway through my time in the Security Operation Centre (SOC) team, we have been doing a lot of shadowing and learning how the processes work, there’s a lot to look out for. Figuring out the alternative ways of solving an issue is very interesting, it gives you the chance to get creative and look at a problem from lots of different angles. We are very busy at the moment in the SOC, which is a great time to learn and experience lots of different things.  

I’m really looking forward to continuing the rest of the graduate programme and making my way around the business.  

Sam’s journey at Quorum Cyber is just at the beginning; we can’t wait to see where his enthusiasm takes him in the company. To keep up with Sam and the rest of the graduates head over to follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn. They are sure to share many more stories and their knowledge along the way! 

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