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The Front Line of our Security Operations Centre

Our expert team of security analysts, incident responders, forensic specialists, and threat hunters leverage the best Microsoft security technologies to defend organisations worldwide against cyber security breaches and attacks – but what does working as a Security Analyst in our Security Operations Centre at Quorum Cyber look like?

The ‘Human’ Element

Our Operational teams work tirelessly to detect and respond to cyber threats; a group of highly skilled (and knowledgeable) Security Analysts with the sole purpose is to defend our customers and help improve organisations security posture.

Many common threats – such as Phishing and Malware – are stopped in their tracks by utilising automated tools in the network’s defences. However, it’s our people who keep us ahead of the bullies. Our SOC team compliment the work of security tools by augmenting their own deep knowledge, skills, and expertise – adding crucial human intelligence to the data gathered by the tools and technologies in an effort to build a robust defence strategy which is both proactive and reactive in its execution.

Round-the-clock Monitoring

Preventing, detecting, and mitigating cyber risks at the earliest opportunity, requires around the clock monitoring. Our Security Analysts work on a rotating shift pattern 24x7x365 (Day/Night) delivering, continuous and real-time monitoring for our customers, worldwide.

The role of a Security Analyst

The role of a Security Analyst is varied and diverse;

  • Rapidly identify and respond to cyber security threats and incidents
  • Work with data to understand and analyse security incidents
  • Participate in incident response activity, taking active actions to help contain threats
  • Provide feedback and collaborate with Engineering and Development teams to improve our products, services, technologies, integrations,
  • Maintain and communicate technical data to stakeholders, in particular with regards to triage, analysis and containment of cyber security incidents
  • Work with threat intelligence and threat-hunting teams – constantly observing and assessing any suspect traffic patterns and properly identifying any specific areas of compromise
  • Research emerging threats and vulnerabilities

Is a path in Cyber Security for you?

At Quorum Cyber, we pride ourselves on recruiting the best talent possible. It is only through the hard-work, dedication and tenacity of our team members that we continue to improve, innovate and deliver the best possible service for our customers. If you want to be part of a fast-growing team of passionate people providing cyber security services to organisations worldwide and looking for a dynamic and sociable workplace, Quorum Cyber could be for you.

Scott's Cyber Security Journey

Scott’s journey to Quorum Cyber started when he was in his third year of University studying Digital Security and Forensics. Working alongside five other interns, Scott secured a place on our Internship Programme.

He enjoyed himself so much he decided he didn’t want to leave.

Read Scott's Journey

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