Next Lisbon 8th May 2019. 12.30 - 6PM
The NORAs   

Matt Alder

HR Technologist and Author

Matt Alder

HR Technologist and Author


The Exceptional Talent Manifesto

With growing skills gaps, uncertain trading conditions and rapid changes in technology driving new preferences and expectations in consumer behavior, businesses need agile, curious and committed workforces.

Employees now have more choices over where they work and how they work. They look for companies that will offer the opportunity for them to grow, develop and reach their potential. Employee Experience is now a competitive advantage. Everyone has the innate ability to be exceptional talented at work if they are in the right opportunity with the right support.

However many employers are still reliant on methods for recruiting, assessing and developing their employees which haven’t kept pace with our changes times. It is the companies who are prepared to think differently about their talent strategy who will be the leaders in a future that promises even more unpredictably and increasingly rapid change.

Based on extensive research, this talk offers practical advice and strategies for companies to attract, retain and develop the talented employees they need to grow, innovate and thrive. Most importantly though it will help everyone think differently about what we mean by talent, bust some commonly held assumptions and set out a clear vision for the future.

About Matt

I help companies understand the rapid digital transformation of the HR and Recruiting sectors and build competitive advantage through cutting edge strategic innovation. I operate as a strategy consultant working with in house recruiting functions and the suppliers who serve them. I also have a major focus on research and high quality content production.

I’ve been working at the cutting edge of the digital revolution since 1999 and have significant experience of developing digital strategy for Fortune and FTSE 100 employers as well as a number of progressive SMEs and technology providers.